"To justify my choice for the Saturno V as my primary investment, because I trust and attest to its success and the suitability of its creator, I need to go back a little and explain how I came to know Hindemburg Melão Jr., the Saturno V and a part of its trajectory so far.

Since 2001, when I started my career as a banker, I have had contact with several investment products offered to high-income companies and segments. They were products with a high minimum investment value and promised above-average profits. However, discounting inflation, profits were meager. The products that I had access to invest in, at most, followed inflation, after deducting fees, taxes and tariffs.

I had a colleague who invested in the Capital Markets and I became interested in the subject. In a short time I had read a lot about the stock market and felt ready to invest. At that time I had already identified that the buy & hold strategy was inefficient in the long term, or safe in the short and medium term (which I confirmed in the article “How much you actually win with Buy&Hold”[1]). Because I was new, excited, incipient, and incipient, I bought options. I had fun with it, I gained more than I lost but I needed to get my life back. I started using bullish and bearish locks in 2003. In this way, I was able to “circumvent” the Bovespa restriction of not being able to trade short. It was a delight. I got positive, paid tax and got sad afterwards. I couldn't keep up with every move and needed the value of the stocks I sold short in my portfolio, which limited my leverage. I wanted to use my IT expertise to automate my strategies and consume less of my time.

In 2008, I was invited to give a talk on financial planning and Forex. Forex was a subject that was kind of banned from the forums I participated in and I became interested in the subject. I signed up for a later course and finally had access to Metatrader and Forex. There was the possibility of programming my strategies and operating automatically.

During the course, in 2009, the speaker mentioned Melão's name a few times as a reference in backtests and strategy. Surely, hearing Melão's name in that course was worth every penny invested.

I spent a few months just reading and researching articles on Sygma Society, getting to know more about Melão through its participation in forums and Orkut. For those who are in Exact Sciences and passionate about Science, it was surprising and gratifying to finally find someone so committed to Truth, Scientific Methodology, technique and results.

I analyzed the most promising strategies in the light of Scientific Methodology and using backtests and concluded that I would need years of exclusive dedication and study to be able to internalize all that knowledge and put something advantageous into practice. I needed to participate in this project somehow. I knew that I was facing something fantastic, dense, complex and of great value. And this time, unlike the others, I was convinced in a rational, technical and scientific way. It wasn't excitement, emotion. It wasn't buying a product with an obscure strategy with managers I didn't know. It wasn't to depend on human managers susceptible to mood swings, pressure from the employer, from companies, stress. The audacious project I was facing was – nothing more, nothing less – a modeling of the financial market in order to predict its steps with above-average technical accuracy.

According to the research I've done, there is no affordable product that brings together such technical-scientific-methodological rigor as the Saturno V, in addition to an enviable performance. In the same way that I have not yet met a person more intellectually capable than Melão, a genius in the literal sense of the word, who uses his robust knowledge in Logic, Statistics, Heuristics, Physics, Artificial Intelligence and many other areas of knowledge to constantly improve this masterpiece that analyzes the financial market and generates homogeneous profits over more than a century. Melão is still very kind and always willing to clarify with his knowledge from the most common subjects to conjunctural and universal analyses. To talk and read what he produces is to see an infinity of details unfolding didactically in each sentence. Nothing of such a high level is produced in the Brazilian academic environment today compared with your articles and with Saturno V. Today, I can say with satisfaction that in addition to your partner I am your friend.

Despite the numerous external technical and bureaucratic difficulties caused by brokers, banks, operating bridges and others, the profitability, the homogeneity of results and the technical support speak for themselves.

My oldest operating account, opened on March 30, 2011, has an average monthly return of 2.96% on May 29, 2015  (was stopped for about 9 months). From March 2011 to May 2015 the profit was +230.82% (+533.06% in reais). The dollarized Ibovespa was down -59.45% in the period (-22.41% Ibov in reais). One of the best funds in Brazil, Sparta Cíclico, delivered -33.97% in dollars in the period (+26.35% in reais)." (extracted from former website  May 2015)

"I am a public servant at the MPU, with a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and an MBA in IT Management in Public Administration. Saturno V customer since 2011. I became aware of Melão and later the system during a course I took on investments and the speaker said that the reference in backtests was Melão. I learned about his story, devoured almost all the articles on the site, studied a lot, researched, talked and invested.

My dollar history is as follows:

Year %
2011 96.58%
2012 41.25%
2013 -26.26%
2014 9.25%
2015 6.21%
2016 79.55%
2017 1.70%
2018 57.14% (to date)" (extracted from September 2018
from the facebook group)

Per  Guilherme Luís S. da Silva, analyst at the Federal Public Ministry / IT area / systems development. Bachelor in Information Systems and MBA in Information Technology Management in Public Administration. Partner of Saturn V since 2011.  

“I know Hindemburg Melon Jr. since 2002, when I was contacted regarding the Sigma Society, of which he is a founder.

Since then, I have had the privilege of getting to know him better and, at the same time, of always being impressed by the scope of his genius, creativity, simplicity, integrity and his refined sense of humor.

Melon is a highly capable and creative polymath who is deeply dedicated and takes ownership of any subject that interests him.  His qualities make him capable of performing any high-level role or project he dedicates himself to with the maximum possible result.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

Per  Renato P. dos Santos, researcher and university professor,  referee  in several scientific journals (Journal of Physical Sciences, Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, Nupem and Acta Scientiae).  Two post-docs in Artificial Intelligence, one in Germany and the other in Austria, supervisor of PhD students, pioneer in Brazil in the development of automatic investment systems, since 2006, graduate of Saturno V.  

“Hindemburg Melon Jr. is an extremely capable person performing jobs that require detailed planning. He has a great strategic vision, not fixing himself on a single possible path. I recommend Melão to anyone who wants to obtain a final result without margins for imperfections, as I have already had the opportunity to work with him in activities that required great technique and intellectual ability and he has shown great expertise in dealing with different types of situations.” (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

Per  Rafael Zakowicz, SP, researcher at the Technological Research Institute of the State of São Paulo, PhD student in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic School of USP, two-time ITA Chess Champion.

“I am interested in buying a share in Saturno. (...) These resources are currently invested in the Sparta Cíclico fund, however the opportunity to be a Saturno shareholder seems to be much more promising than continuing my investment in Sparta!”  (fragment of message received via email)

Per  Rodrigo PG , from Santa Catarina, investor,  entrepreneur, B.Sc. in Automation Engineering.

“I would like to congratulate you on your work. I'm Eng. and Automation and I developed my final course project in the NYSE forecasting area using Neural Networks. I have read some of your articles and they have been tremendously helpful! Big hug Thiago”

(fragment of message received by email) By  Thiago Rothen, PR, Control and Automation Engineer from PUC-PR, member of Newton da Costa Jr.'s team, on the use of Neural Networks to model prices in the Financial Market, especially in the New York Stock Exchange. Newton da Costa (Mr.) is the creator of Paraconsistent Logics, considered one of the world's greatest specialists in Logic and one of the greatest mathematicians in Brazil.

“I have known Hindemburg Melao for many years and have developed a strong working relationship with him. I know him to be a man of character who is highly competent and able to complete complex projects in a timely manner. My experiences with Hindemburg have always been favorable and I highly recommend him without hesitation.  He would be an asset to any team.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

by  Barry Howard, United States, CFO / SVP of Finance, Human Resources and Administration at World Relief, former Executive Director at Mir International, former Vice President at YWAM Denver,  Listed in Marquis Who's Who In America,  member at Sigma Society,  highest IQ ever recorded by current Psychology Department faculty at Denver University on WAIS-R Adult Intelligence Scale - May 1998.

“Melao is one of the few people who are blessed with profoundly intelligent and highly creative minds. It is an honor to be acquainted with a genius like him. He will certainly be a great asset to any company or project in which he may be involved.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

by  Nileon Dimalaluan Jr., Philippines, civil engineer, member of 12 international societies for people of high IQ, including ISI-S (IQ over 151), International Society for Philosophical Inquiry (IQ over 148) and Sigma Society. Third place in the “International Contest 20029 of Cerebrals Society”.

“I know Melao for over eight years. He is a talent and kind professional with extraordinary mental and communication skills. Beyond all, he's always a dedicated partner and friend.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

by  Baran Yonter,  Turkey,  Manager and Business Development at Yol Makina Ltd., Executive Committee Member at World Intelligence Network, Founder and President at The Pars Society, Honorary member at Sigma Society and Creative Genius Society.  former counselor at OLYMPIQ Society.

“I've been with my friend Hindemburg since the Sigma Society was formed, and his dedication to creating and always improving relevant knowledge was very clear, in addition to always seeking to learn even more. He is an extremely dedicated person and focused on what he sets out to do, which is always done with great care. His personality involves the qualities desired in a leader, namely: good teamwork, fairness and equity; united with a kind and endearing temperament.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

Per  Antenor Pelegrino Filho , SP, lawyer, Board of Directors at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Tupã, former vice-president at Sigma Society.

“I have the pleasure to know Hindemburg Melao Jr since 2002. I have always been surprised by his profound logical and creative thoughts. He is also a very comprehensive and a good person. He is a member of the most selective High IQ societies and is internationally recognized for his innovating work. By just seen his CV you can realize that you are in front of a universal genius.” (testimonial extracted from LinkedIn)

Per  Fernando Sánchez, Spain, Writing and Professional Edition.

“My interest in being a shareholder of Saturno V comes from my conviction of its triumph in the financial market and from my trust in its creator, for the reasons explained below:

1. The theoretical basis on which the development of the product is based – partially exposed in numerous articles available in Sigma – gives it great robustness, manifested by the highly positive and consistent results presented here (I cannot objectively evaluate the technical aspects, but the results – especially when compared to other tools – speak for themselves).

2. The system's robustness and consistency ensure the opportunity for real financial gain with relatively low risk, even under “adverse” conditions (the portfolio doubled amid the stock market crash), which will surely make the product attractive to large investors and financial institutions.

3. The Saturn V, unique of its kind, was conceived and is being continually improved by its creator, a brilliant polymath, skilled and suitable for this project. It is gratifying to bet on this initiative.

4. Conditioning participation as a shareholder on collaboration with charities was an honorable attitude.

5. As I am a beginner in the subject, I still see a unique opportunity for learning.” (fragment of message received via e-mail)

Per  Wagner Diniz De Paula , DF, member of Sigma Society IV, multilingual, physician, specialist in radiology and diagnostic imaging techniques, speaker/lecturer.

“I have known Melao Hindemburg for many years, and can give him my best endorsements both as a collegue and a friend. I was fortunate working together with him in relation to a project assisting highly intelligent children in developing countries. Melao is one of the most brilliant minds I know.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

by  David Udbjørg,  Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Director of Business Development at Emunio Aps, Architect at Johs. Moeller Architects, Director International at Cadpeople Aps/Pte, former CEO at House Architects (1995-2002), founder of CAILI, honorary member at Sigma Society, honorary member at Creative Genius Society.

“Melao is a masterful, creative and profoundly intelligent person. He has many original projects in infinite fields that advance our today's current technology and possibilities. It is an honor to know him and work with him.  Really motivating and inspiring.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

by  Irene Alexandra, United States/Spain, protagonist of the film Silent [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1032758/ ] and with participation in 5 other films. She is an honorary member of the Creative Genius Society, past president of CIVIQ Society , painter with works exhibited in New York and Tokyo, sculptor, writer, draughtsman, director, author, inventor...

“Melon is a highly qualified person in all areas of interest to which he is dedicated. He is self-taught who dives seriously and deeply into the topics he researches, and so I could see him achieve impressive results. I took the IQ test he prepared, which is internationally recognized, and the variety of subjects covered is remarkable. Over the years, I've seen their efforts to create, manage and encourage groups and communities for general debate, both live and online. I would like to highlight your website 'Oracle', in which it is dedicated to answering, with a wide range of questions, related to mathematics, science and humanities. Although a written recommendation about Melão may seem, like this one, a bit general, I must point out that, due to its honesty and intelligence, it is in fact indicated to work in multiple activities, having already carried out expressive work in areas as diverse as Psychology, Finance, Physics and Chess.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

Per  Paulo Santoro , SP. In Antunes Filho's opinion, Paulo is one of the greatest Brazilian playwrights of all time (Interview with Antunes Filho about Paulo Santoro:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkhutQl4Gfg ). Member of Platinum Society, three nominations for the Shell Award for Dramaturgy and Performing Arts, examiner in UNESP and Fuvest entrance exams, teacher in ANGLO and ETAPA pre-university courses, chess player and investor.

“It is very impressive to follow the Saturn V on the demo accounts. Seeing performance summaries available periodically is nice, but it's the same difference between watching a football match on the radio or TV. And soon I'll be accompanying you from the cabin!”  (fragment of message received via email)

Per  Joel Fernando Jardim Martins, DF, electrical engineer with specialization in Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, author of works with emphasis on applications in the Financial Market.

“Since 2001, when I first met SigmaSociety, I've been impressed by Melon's mental capacity in everything from a more realistic body weight calculation to the distance to the farthest stars, his world records in chess and in recent years his commitment and results in the stock market. From everything he has developed to date, it is clear to me that his ability and commitment make him able to work in almost all areas of human knowledge.”  (Testimony taken from LinkedIn)

Per  Rogerio Penchel , SP, analyst/programmer at M. Shimizo, systems developer at Bravo Eletrônica, member at Sigma Society and at Mensa.

“First of all, you deserve congratulations for the work you've been doing. Nice validation work, exhaustive testing and analysis,  I've never seen anything like it. I do control and automation engineering and I guarantee that the level of work that I have seen at my college (Unicamp) is practically a joke compared to what you have published in the articles. More than the chance to make money, seeing the articles gave me a tremendous desire to study statistics. I've been studying the statsoft textbook hard, it's infinitely superior to the book I used in my college basic statistics course.  College had managed to kill my desire to study exact sciences and I had only been studying what had no direct relationship with it, such as literature and poetry. Thanks to you, I revived the love for mathematics I had when I studied Euclidean geometry on my own.” (fragment of message received via email)

Per  Thiago Pereira Meirelles, SP, student of Automation Engineering at Unicamp.

“Melao is an extremely intelligent person – a true genius, he has extraordinary analytical skills – but above everything I know him as a gentle and very kind person, caring for his family & friends, firm in his believes, driven when it concerns his passions , chess and psychometry.” (testimonial extracted from LinkedIn)

Per  Bart Lindekens , Belgium, is a member of Sigma IV, Platinum Society and other high IQ societies, has worked in risk management for over 15 years, holds an MBA from the University of Brussels.

“Everything that is played by the intellectuals of Hindenburg Melão Jr. becomes a wealth of knowledge. Endowed with an incredible cognitive ability, which allowed him to become a profound connoisseur of various subjects, and a brilliant reasoning that enables him to challenge concepts and launch new ideas on these subjects. ”)

Per  José Paulo do Prado Dieguez, RJ, Colonel of the Brazilian Army, Professor of Numerical Calculus and Structural Theory at the Military Institute of Engineering, author of the book "Numeric Calculation Methods".  

“Melon's solid knowledge in several areas such as logic, mathematics, statistics, physics, philosophy, heuristics, etc., combined with his exceptional intelligence, allow him to identify errors that specialists with long experience in the area do not notice, and to develop effective solutions to correct them. them.”  (testimony extracted from the preface of the book “IMC na Balança”)

Per  Eduardo André Both, RS, structural engineer, skyscraper construction specialist and Engineering Director at Knijnik Engenharia.

“A little over a month ago we closed another year of operation of the SaturnoV in my account. Thanks again.”

Per  André Gâmbaro, SP, mathematician from Unicamp, senior consultant at Ernst & Young and one of Saturno's oldest partners (since 2009). 

“Hindemburg Melon Jr. is considered one of the most intelligent people in Brazil, he stands out for his incomparable capacity for logical reasoning and abstract thinking, in other words for his excellence in what is most evolved in human thought.”  (testimony extracted from the preface of the book “IMC na Balança”)

Per  Silésia Maria Veneroso Delphino Tosi, SP, specialist in intelligence tests, with a PhD in Neuropsychology from USP.

“(...) today I finished reading the content of the Saturno V website. I am not a trader, but I have Robert Pardo's book in my hands at the moment. What I find interesting is that, on the website, Mr. presented, for the problems addressed in articles, solutions that were much more innovative and creative than those of one of the exponents in the area of system evaluation and optimization in the world (and my benchmark is high, as Pardo Capital is usually among the 5 first in the Barclay Hedge ranking - 10 years). This demonstrates how their work exceeds even the best expectations anyone could have for system quality and reliability. In addition, the idealism (helping people in need) and sincerity (not creating unrealistic expectations about income) in the articles on the site made me delighted with the project.”  (fragment of message received via email in 2010)
"Hello! I'm Marcus Paulo, from Brasília. I'm a civil servant (I currently work at the Federal Senate) and I discovered Saturno through the website, at the end of 2010, in an internet search. At the time, I was fascinated and read all the content of the site.  :-)
In August 2017 I started my account, which so far (September 2018) has accumulated a profit of 45% in dollars (in addition to a significant exchange rate appreciation). I did this, above all, thinking about my daughter's future. I am very satisfied (both for Saturno's performance and Melão's support, friendship and professionalism).
Saturno is much more profitable than the investment alternatives I've used (stocks, direct treasury, etc.) and takes on much lower risks than buy and hold.
In the long term, my Saturno-managed account is the way I plan to leave a savings account for my daughter. In the future, I also intend to deposit amounts with a view to retirement (since unfortunately we cannot trust the government for this purpose).
Saturno is a work of unparalleled quality, which stands out even among the best in the field (Eckhardt, Pardo, Dunn). Anyone who knows a little about investing abroad and quantitative trading knows that abroad a manager with a return of more than 10% per year in dollars is extremely disputed. And the Saturno far exceeds this profitability.
My expectation is that this distance between the Saturno and the competition will continue to increase, due to the constant improvement of the system.
A hug to all!" (extracted
  September/2018 from the facebook group)

Per  Marcus Paulo da Silva Cardoso , DF, lawyer, worked at the Federal Audit Court and currently works at the Federal Senate.