The origin of the Saturn V dates back to 2005, when Hindemburg Melão Jr. realized that his knowledge of mathematics, statistics and the scientific method, as well as his aptitude for exactitude, chess and his history of theoretical innovations, could help him to create successful strategies for the financial market.


There is more  10 years


Melon Jr. began work on the precursors to the Saturn V system

+ 400 scientific articles


on formulating, testing and validating investment strategies

Track record of more than 8  years old


Since 2010 generating exceptional returns for our clients

129 years in backtests


crossing several  major crises and staying profitable

Profitability above 27% year


verified by one of the 4 largest auditing companies in the world

+ 20 international awards


Ahead of thousands of funds from various countries in the rankings of IASG, Barclay Hedge, Preqin, etc.

It is difficult to determine precisely where the Saturn V story begins, because many of the tools and methods used, as well as experiences that were harnessed, date back to the late 1980s. Analytical habits used in Chess and Epistolar Chess, some ideas in Mathematics, Physics, Cosmology,  Astronomy, Psychometry, are some examples. The idea of working with non-integer factorial numbers, for example,  dates back to 1991, and on several occasions equivalent procedures were used to transform situations in which one could only deal with whole numbers, into situations much richer in possibilities, by admitting fractional, irrational and transcendental inputs. Use an integer number of periods for a moving average, for example. Instead of using a 4-period average, let's say the optimal value is less than 4 and  greater than 3. In this specific case it is easy to solve the problem,  using smaller timeframes. Instead of 3 days or 4 days, it would suffice to use 72 hours or 96 hours respectively,  and with that, 24 intermediate values would be obtained between 3 and 4 days to obtain a finer adjustment for this variable. Although the averages calculated with 72h or 96h are not equivalent to the averages 3 days or 4 days, this change in the timeframe makes it possible to fractionate the desired variable in a very simple way. But there are many cases  more complex, in which it is not possible to solve so easily the question of transforming a discrete variable into a continuous variable, or discretizing it into smaller parts and  preserve the same properties that the variable had while using integer values exclusively. Throughout the Saturn V development process, many situations arose, in which it was necessary to provide non-trivial solutions to problems that required creating statistical tools that did not exist, or reformulating traditional tools so that they could adapt to the particularities of the problem to be addressed. sorted out. Sometimes these solutions could be achieved using earlier innovations, or by applying methods by which earlier innovations or analogous methods had been created, which somehow ended up involving experiences from decades ago. So it's hard to say when Saturn V started, as many of its parts appeared in the 1980s and 90s. 
But it can be considered that the period in which Melão Jr. started to be interested in investments, be it the water separator, and that happened in mid-2005.
  In the beginning, Melon Jr. created manual strategies that he executed himself. However, shortly afterwards, in 2006, he realized that creating algorithms to implement strategies automatically would bring a series of advantages: the strategy would be executed consistently, quickly, without the influence of psychological factors and without interruptions that  traders  humans suffer. The most important advantage, however, would be the fact that automatic strategies could be tested on long quote histories, spanning several decades or centuries, in just a few seconds or minutes. In this way, the strategy could be run on the history of a currency pair, a stock exchange or a stock index, and in a few seconds it would be known how the strategy would have performed if it had traded on these instruments. In addition, the strategy could be optimized, that is, it could test different values for its parameters, in order to discover the set of values that would perform best.
From then on, Melão Jr. started to dedicate himself to the development of automatic strategies, adopting the most rigorous protocols of the methodology
  scientific. The first tests were carried out both with ready-made strategies, taught in books, brokers, educational sites, etc., and with strategies of own authorship. In the first few months, it became evident that none of the more than 500 ready-made strategies offered the slightest possibility of generating positive results, even when testing them with thousands of different configurations. The Meta Quotes website offered a repository of over 2,000 strategies ready to download, and other websites offered hundreds more. Among these, more than 500 of those that received the best reviews were selected and also trying to avoid the redundancy of testing almost identical strategies. All had negative results and the  most didn't last a year to ruin their wallets. The first strategies of own authorship also did not produce  consistent results and it took several months and millions of genotypes tested  for the first promising results to begin to be obtained. 
In March 2007, the first ancestors of Saturn V were ready, capable of being consistently positive in the long term. Profitability was still low, consistency was also low, but it was already an important step forward. In mid-2008, there were some more important advances that began to evolve into the current structure of the Saturn V, as well as the name "Saturn V" began to be used.
  In 2010, the Saturn V was finally ripe for use in real accounts.  
Much of this research has been published in the form of articles, which can be accessed
  in this section  from our  Web site. Today there is a bibliography of more than 400 articles on investments and 1,600 articles on other diverse areas, which expose part of the theoretical innovations of Melão Jr. on strategy optimization, risk management, ranking and genotype selection, among a wide variety of other investment-related topics, as well as scientific, philosophical, theological and  educational. 
Years of research and development passed before the first version of the Saturn V began operating on the market. In 2010, version 6 was released, which combined high profitability, low risk, resilience in different historical periods, stability and homogeneity. As a result, in August of the same year, the Saturno V 6 went into operation in real accounts. In one year, it had already accumulated a profit of more than 37%; in two years, the profit was over 102%.

With the Saturn V running on real accounts, it was also possible to study the similarity between the
  backtests  and the real accounts, to verify that the backtest results could be interpreted as good representations of what could be expected for the real situation.  These studies showed that the  backtests  were as similar to a real account as two real accounts compared to each other. Read more about the technical aspects of the Saturn  clicking here. 
Until 2014,
  despite the excellent results, in terms of performance, the Saturn V remained almost completely anonymous.  At the end of 2014, João Antônio became a licensee of Saturno V. Although João  lived in Switzerland and Melão in Brazil,  they kept in frequent contact, talking about different topics, and became great friends.  João  came to play an exceptionally important role in all aspects related to the Saturn V, including scientific, technical and technological, legal, advertising, administrative, etc.  João  was a child prodigy in Mathematics and Computer Science,  was a finalist in the Mathematical Olympiad, is a specialist in International Law, with a master's degree in Switzerland,  is an entrepreneur and investor in several technology startups . At the end of 2015, John  I had read more than 1,000 articles by Melão Jr., including all about the Saturn V and several others on various topics. After a conversation with Melão about business,  João  he left  all its other activities to dedicate itself exclusively to Saturn V, and currently places  under management of Saturno V more than 80% of its assets. This partnership has made an invaluable contribution to the growth of the Saturno V, including the prospecting of several European investors, the use of the Saturno V by an investment fund,  enrollment in various international rankings  and, consequently, winning international awards, totaling 20  awards so far. In addition, John  makes in-person presentations of the Saturno V to high-profile investors, hired designers to redesign the site, opened representative offices in different countries,  established partnerships, is building a server with multiple GPUs, and  hired an exceptional team of programmers, made up of outstanding programming talents, national and international medal laureates in Computer Olympiads, Mathematical Olympiads and Physics Olympiads, university professors and researchers at some of the universities  most prestigious in the world. This team is currently working on the development of an optimizations platform  exclusive to the Saturno V, with unprecedented features and a performance level far above the best tools on the market, providing a more fruitful development environment, stimulating better results, in addition to being safer, scalable and complete. It is worth mentioning  that the selection of this team of programmers was made in two stages: the first with the use of Sigma Test and the second with programming challenges created by João himself.

In 2017, Saturn V results since 2010
  have been independently verified by one of the world's largest audit firms, a member of the  Big Four, which attested to the accuracy of the record. The same firm is also responsible for auditing the investment fund in which the Saturno V is used.

More than ten years have passed since Melão Jr. started researching investments, today the Saturno V has already received several demonstrations of recognition of its efficiency, rigor, stability and consistency, placing itself at the top of
  world rankings and receiving excellence awards.